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These are unique treatments for which Dr Gout and the team at the LAM Clinic have developed a global reputation



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The unique and extensive LAM Consultation is at the core of our success. The time and care we takeinour diagnostic assessment, the meticulous measurements we record, and our systematic evaluation of every single client’s needs are second to none. Dr Gout even asks to see parental photographs because only by fully appreciating your goals, your lifestyle and your genetics can we devise a strategy to achieve optimum results; now, and for the future. Dr Gout says: ”Deep dive into your genetics, lifestyle, family history to recommend the optimum treatment for instant results”. All hyper-personalised consultations with Dr Gout are charged at £200 and are non-redeemable*

Our most popular treatment's this month

Single Treatment – £460

Course of 6 Treatments – £2300

Single treatment – £600
Course of 6 treatments -£3000 

Single – £600

Course of 6 treatments* – £3000 (£600 reduction)

Single treatment – £700
Course of 6 treatments – £3500 

* All treatments packages payable in full at the initial consultation and to be booked within 12 months.

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