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treatments for men

Dermal fillers, muscle relaxants, facials – we have a whole programme designed specifically for men.

Treatments For men

Most men we treat know exactly what they want. That’s great. The journey to skin wellness and natural beauty is smoother when your goals are clear. The key is to develop a strategy for wellbeing that takes into account lifestyle, genetics and realistic timelines.

Gold standard treatments
You’re in safe hands. Dr Gout is a world-renowned skin scientist, described as the ‘gold standard’ by Harpers Bazaar. Following a hyper-personalised consultation Dr Gout and her team will recommend the best treatments for optimum results now, and in the future.

Bespoke treatment programmes
The LAM ethos is built around revealing your natural beauty. Every single person has what Dr Gout calls unique ‘charisma’ so we provide a tailored, holistic approach of preventation, rejuvenation and enhancement. For you, and you only.

The best of the best
So whether your skin is sagging, the wrinkles are deepening, or your jawline needs redefining, trust LAM to create a treatment programme that will be truly transformative. Safe, private and supportive from day one. Harley Street at its very best.

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